iSmart Selfscore app

– Assessing and reducing risks in detention or care

The iSmart Self Score app is a digital tool for risk assessment in forensic psychiatry. The Self Score App contains a radar graph that provides visual insight from a treatment perspective which risk factors require treatment.

Estimating recidivism risks

In forensic psychiatry

Together with the Woenselse Poort, BPI has developed the iSmart Selfscore app for clients who want more insight into their own risk and protective factors.
Having a personal view of these matters can contribute to increasing self-reflection, an increase in willingness to therapy and thus also an increase in influence / direction in one’s own treatment process. The iSmart Selfscore app is based on the HKT-R risk assessment. With this user-friendly software, the client can fill in an HKT-R Spin and compare it with previously completed risk assessments.

Benefits iSmart Selfscore app

  • Developed for and by healthcare professionals and clients;
  • Clients can explore their own strengths and weaknesses;
  • Clients can track their own treatment progress;
  • Users can score ad hoc and receive a graphic image as a reward;
  • Gives rise to discussion about risk assessment;
  • Can contribute to readiness / motivation for treatments and training;
  • Data scores and documents can be exported;
  • Complete software as a service offered from a certified data center.


Our iSmart Self-score app is being used at:

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