ID Scan

– Reliable technology for checking and recording personal and document data

More and more organizations are dealing with the registration of identities.
Whether it concerns the influx of customers, suppliers, drivers or employees, in many cases registration in an information system is desirable. Checking identity documents and manually registering the personal data of (new) customers can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. ID Scan offers the solution for this.

Reliable identification

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ID Scan offers a complete process where you as a customer can distinguish between front office and back office tasks. The front office tasks usually consist of scanning the document and registering the personal data.

The back office functionality offers the user the possibility to check, supplement and approve an application for further processing. This functionality can also be used to have a document expert give a final opinion in case of doubt about the authenticity of the document.

ID Scan HUB BPI Services
ID Scan - BPI Services

ID Scan benefits

  • Complies with the AVG / GDPR;
  • Increase data quality;
  • More certainty about authenticity & validity of the document offered;
  • Complete registration in seconds;
  • Eliminate manual entry;
  • Reading color passport photo of identity document;
  • Links with HR access control systems;
  • Printing passes, badges and forms.


ID Scan is used at various organizations:

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