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BPI offers your government agency tech & AI solutions that, with a greater eye for people and with more knowledge of possibilities, improve safety and well-being.


The iMatch series is designed to optimally support professionals in the field of public order, security and border control. The products are equipped with modern technology for checking identity documents and verifying biometric characteristics.

iMatch 20
The iMatch 20 has been developed in collaboration with the Dutch border control and police.
iMatch 45
The iMatch 45 is the perfect mobile identification device for scanning identity documents and 1 or 2 fingerprints.
iMatch 50
The iMatch 50 is specially developed for mobile registration and verification processes with 4 fingerprints.
iMatch ID Case
The iMatch ID Case is a case for biometric registration and identity verification for the collection of personal data.
iMatch Face Capture
The iMatch Face Capture solution makes it possible to easily register and verify an individual via face verification.
iMatch SDK app
iMatch SDK’s
BPI offers various SDKs in the field of access control, identification, and verification.


Various solutions for error-free identification and registration of, for example, employees, visitors, contractors and drivers.

ID Scan - scanner BPI
ID Scan
ID Scan offers a complete registration process where you as a customer can distinguish between front office and back office tasks.
ID Hub
The back office functionality allows the user to review, complete and approve a request.
ID Flow
With ID Flow, organizations can digitize access granting processes and manage and optimize them from a central point.
ID Kiosk
ID Kiosk is a proven solution in accordance with ISO 27001. Visitors can sign in or register themselves quickly and easily.
ID App
The ID App has been developed for organizations that find it challenging to perform reliable identification remotely.


Use our iSmart solutions for checking, assessing and reducing risks in detention or healthcare. But also for improving well-being, residence and autonomy for clients/detainees in isolation.

3D rendition of the iSmart Touch home screen as seen from the right
iSmart Touch
The molestation-resistant iSmart Touch solution is a proven and scientifically substantiated media wall in which the client is central.
iSmart Self Score App
The iSmart Self Score app is a digital tool for risk assessment in forensic psychiatry.
iSmart Detect
iSmart Detect is a monitoring and alarm system for clients or detainees. Using AI, the system analyzes deviant behavior.

Case Studies

BPI has been proudly working with various types of government agencies for many years. From ministries to the police. Our advanced solutions in the field of Safety & Well-being fit in seamlessly with the needs of this market.

iSmart Touch provides qualitative added value for clients, employees and organization

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