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Our iMatch products are Mobile Captures Devices. These are mobile devices used to capture and process information on the go.

The iMatch series is designed to optimally support professionals in the field of public order, security and border control.

The products are equipped with modern technology for checking identity documents and verifying biometric characteristics.

Compact ID documents & fingerprint scanner

Reliable registratie

The iMatch is a state-of-the-art and compact device aimed at mobile identification. The iMatch can easily be connected to an Android or IOS smartphone via a secure Bluetooth Low Energy connection.
The speed and reliability with which the iMatch can take fingerprints and check international identity documents for authenticity and validity is unique in the market. Naturally, the iMatch meets the very strict technical and security requirements and has successfully completed various intensive tests in this area. This is also the reason that the iMatch is used by Border Control organizations, the Police and Defense.

iMatch 20
The iMatch 20 has been developed in collaboration with the Dutch border control and police. The iMatch 20 is the perfect mobile verification device for identity documents and single fingerprint matching.
iMatch 45
The iMatch FAP45 is specially made for Border Control, Police and Army personnel. It operates fully to Entry & Exit System (EES) specifications. The iMatch 45 is the perfect mobile identification device for scanning identity documents and 1 or 2 fingerprints.
iMatch 50
The iMatch 50 is specially designed for mobile registration and verification processes with 4 fingerprints. In addition to the FAP50 fingerprint scanner, the iMatch 50 is equipped with a display for optimal user support. This makes the iMatch 50 the perfect mobile identification device for ID documents. Also, the iMatch 50 fits seamlessly with EES requirements.
iMatch ID Case
The iMatch ID Case is a case for biometric registration and identity verification for the collection of personal data. The mobile case is designed to support the workflows of immigration and border professionals.
iMatch Face Capture
The iMatch Face Capture solution makes it possible to easily register an individual via face verification.
iMatch SDK’s
BPI offers various SDKs in the field of access control, identification, and verification. For example, we offer license plate recognition software and mobile identification and verification software.
iMatch SDK


The iMatch is used in various organizations within
Border Control, Police and Defense:

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The iMatch solutions are easy to use and deploy in various situations regarding security and identification. Are you interested? We would like to get in touch with you.