ID Scan

– Onboarding & Verification Suite

The Onboarding & Verification suite allows various solutions for document authentication as well as identification and registration of individuals. In the suite, BPI combines high-quality in-house development with technologies from leading international companies. The Onboarding & Verification suite consists of a counter module, a Kiosk module for (self/pre-) registration, ID Scan app, online ID Scan service and the server module. In addition, we offer a large number of adapters for connecting peripherals such as ID scanners, barcode scanners, signature pad, label printers and smart card.

Reliable identification starts with
ID Scan

Fast and error-free registration

More and more organizations are dealing with identities of individuals.
Whether it concerns the inflow of customers, visitors, suppliers, drivers or employees, in many cases registration in an information system is desirable. Checking identity documents and manually registering the personal data of (new) customers is often a time-consuming and error-prone process.
With our ID Scan solutions this problem will soon be in the past.

ID Scan - HUB en Scanner
ID Scan
ID Scan offers a complete registration process where you as a customer can distinguish between front office and back office tasks. The front office tasks usually consist of scanning the document and registering the personal data.
ID Hub
The back office functionality allows the user to review, supplement and approve a request for further processing. This functionality can also be used, if in doubt about the authenticity of the document, to have a document expert give a final opinion.
ID Flow
With ID Flow, organizations can digitize access granting processes and manage and optimize them from a central point. This creates a rapid exchange of information about the conditions for accessing a building or site between contractors, visitors, suppliers and supervisors.
ID Kiosk
ID Kiosk is a proven solution in accordance with ISO 27001. Visitors can sign in or register themselves quickly and easily with an (International) identity document for example. It is also possible to use a QR code, pin code or biometric identifier.
ID App
The ID App has been developed for organizations that find it challenging to perform reliable identification remotely. The ID App enables a reliable and innovative identification process. This process meets the requirements from legislation (AVG/GDPR) and information security (ISO 27001).


The ID Scan platform is used by many organizations in different sectors. Below is a selection of them:

Smart enough
to keep it simple

The ID Scan platform can be used in various ways and devices. Curious about the options for your organization?
We are happy to look at the possibilities with you.