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Our tech solutions for identification and registration are already being used by large companies such as: KPN, Secure Logistics and Tata Steel. These solutions are scalable to your requirements but can also be implemented directly as a proven concept.


Various solutions for error-free identification and registration of, for example, employees, visitors, contractors and drivers.

ID Scan - scanner BPI
ID Scan
ID Scan offers a complete registration process where you as a customer can distinguish between front office and back office tasks.
ID Hub
The back office functionality allows the user to review, complete and approve a request.
ID Flow
With ID Flow, organizations can digitize access granting processes and manage and optimize them from a central point.
ID Kiosk
ID Kiosk is a proven solution in accordance with ISO 27001. Visitors can sign in or register themselves quickly and easily.
ID App
The ID App has been developed for organizations that find it challenging to perform reliable identification remotely.

Smart enough
to keep it simple

User-friendly and reliable identification and registration is a must when welcoming new employees, for example. How is this arranged in your organization? We are happy to look at the possibilities with you.