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Use our iSmart solutions for checking, assessing and reducing risks in detention or healthcare. But also for improving well-being, residence and autonomy for clients/detainees in isolation.

Recognize risky behavior

Giving clients more autonomy

Various types of risks can arise for clients in detention. Risks that can be prevented when using the right tools. Our iSmart solutions respond to these risks. For example, offering more autonomy to a client in isolation can prevent coercion.

Recognizing risky behavior early can prevent escalation and better personalize a client’s treatment.

iSmart Touch
The molest-resistant iSmart Touch solution is a proven and scientifically substantiated client-centered solution. With the aim of preventing or reducing risks and shortening the time spent in seclusion rooms and making them more humane.
iSmart Self Score App
The iSmart Self Score app is a digital tool for risk assessment in forensic psychiatry. The Self Score App includes a radar chart that visually illustrates, from a treatment perspective, which risk factors require treatment.
iSmart Detect
iSmart Detect is a monitoring and alarm system for clients or detainees. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the system analyzes deviant behavior. iSmart Detect includes monitoring functions in the cell, room or space of a client or detainee and identifies risky behavior early. When risky behavior is detected, the system immediately alerts your organization’s staff.


Our iSmart Solutions are used at more than 60 healthcare institutions and penitentiaries:

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Are you looking for solutions for checking, assessing and reducing risks in detention or healthcare? Or do you want to improve the well-being, stay and autonomy for clients/prisoners in isolation? We would like to get in touch with you.