iSmart Detect

– Privacy friendly detection system

iSmart Detect is a monitoring and alarm system that helps to increase the observation capacity of security personnel .
iSmart Detect contains monitoring functions in the cell, room or space of a client/detainee and identifies risky behavior at an early stage. The system immediately alerts your organization’s personnel when it detects risky behaviour.

Intelligent detection system

Self-learning system

iSmart Detect helps to increase the power of observation. The system analyzes
continuously whether there is deviant and risky behavior. iSmart Detect fits in with a national development in which more technology is used in the cell or client room (in a healthcare institution) to guarantee a safer and more humane stay for the person and to enable efficient deployment of employees.

Smart Detect sensor
Smart Detect video

Benefits iSmart Detect

  • Improving the safety of the prisoner or client;
  • Preventing incidents through effective monitoring;
  • More efficient because less staff is needed to monitor the rooms;
  • Improving team well-being, more time and space for other tasks;
  • iSmart Detect works on existing IP cameras;
  • Connection possible with iSmart Touch systems.


iSmart Detect is being developed in collaboration with:

Smart enough
to keep it simple

iSmart Detect ensures a safer and more humane stay for client or detainee. Interested in the options for your organization? We would like to get in touch with you.