iMatch Face Capture

-The iMatch Face Capture solution makes it possible to easily register an individual via face verification.

The iMatch Face Capture solution consists of a robust and compact tripod. Together with the Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III in combination with the illuminated LED lights, it is the perfect desktop solution to support facial imaging.

Compact and mobile facial imaging solution

For simple and reliable registration

Based on our experience and knowledge in the field of identification and verification, we have configured and designed this iMatch Face Capture to provide an optimal and user-friendly experience for police units and border guards during operational use.

Face Capture statief
Face Capture Device

Features iMatch Face Capture

Live facial recording system with camera and continuous lighting system (LED):

  • Tripod;
  • Illumination LED; lights;
  • Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III;
  • Integrated power cable and USB cable.


The iMatch Face Capture is used at various organizations within Border Control and Police:

Smart enough
to keep it simple

The iMatch Face Capture can be used in various situations regarding identification and verification.
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