iMatch ID Case

– For capturing facial, fingerprint and document data.

The iMatch ID Case is a suitcase for biometric registration and identity verification for the collection of personal data. The mobile case is designed to optimally support the workflows of immigration and border professionals.

Enrollment & Verification

Collection of biometrics and identity data

The iMatch ID Case performs a quality check by collecting and verifying data from identity documents, fingerprints and facial images.
The mobile iMatch ID Case is a self-service kit and a stand-alone station, making this biometric registration station easy to transport and install.

Canon camera iMatch ID Case
iMatch ID Case

Features iMatch ID Case

The iMatch ID Cases are made of super light polymer and provide waterproof, pressure and dustproof protection for the integrated identification

  • Live facial recording system, camera, DSL or 4k
    webcam and continuous lighting system (LED)
    USB Hub;
  • Wireless router (4G)
    (Extra) removable battery;
  • The battery has an operating time of 6 – 10 hours;
  • Signature pad;
  • Fingerprint scanner;
  • ID document scanner;
  • Space for laptop;
  • Charger, USB cable and waterproof external power connector;
  • Packaged in an IP67 rated housing with drop test guarantee.


The iMatch ID Case is used at various organizations within
Border Control, Police and Defense:

Smart enough
to keep it simple

The iMatch ID Case can be used in various situations regarding identification and verification.
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