ID Kiosk

– Selfservice registration kiosk 

With the ID Kiosk, visitors can quickly and easily log in or register themselves with, for example, an (International) identity document. It is also possible to use a QR code, pin code or biometric feature. The ID Kiosk is a proven solution in accordance with ISO 27001.

User-friendly registration kiosk

For easy registration

The ID Kiosk supports the registration process for visitors or drivers etc. Individuals can register independently at the kiosk for an appointment or a logistics assignment. The ID kiosk application offers different profiles for drivers and visitors, for example. Upon arrival, they can perform a simple registration using a user-friendly touchscreen.
ID Kiosk works seamlessly with ID Flow.

Features ID Kiosk

  • With ID Flow, the security department can monitor the use of the ID kiosks and track the status of the processes;
  • After registration, ID Flow automatically sends an SMS or email to the contact person;
  • License plate recognition module;
  • Module scanning functionality for tickets or smart card;
  • Module for checking
    identity documents;


ID Kiosk is used by various organizations:

Smart enough
to keep it simple

ID Kiosk can be used in various situations regarding self-service registration processes.
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