ID Flow

– Enterprise Onboarding & Access control solution

Granting access to employees, suppliers and visitors is a constant challenge for the security department of a large organization. The different types of identities have different requirements and procedures when it comes to registration, regulations and security. In practice, this often leads to labour-intensive tasks for the employees of the security organization. It is also a challenge for organizations to be demonstrably “in control” when it comes to internal rules and external requirements from legislation and regulations.

The power of ID Flow

Smart access control

With ID Flow, organizations can digitize access granting processes and manage and optimize them from a central point. This creates a rapid exchange of information about the conditions for access to a building or site between contractors, visitors, suppliers and supervisors.

ID Flow interface

Features ID Flow

  • Self-service module;
  • Email notification module;
  • Authorization process module;
  • Real-time information dashboard;
  • Secure document management module;
  • Interface module with links to existing systems HRM or ERP applications;
  • Central control of access control;
  • Extensive management functionality with
    graphics workflow module.


ID Flow is used by various organizations:

Smart enough
to keep it simple

Do you also want to digitize your access granting processes and manage them from a central point? We are happy to look at the possibilities with you.