– The perfect mobile authentication device for scanning identity documents and fingerprints

The iMatch45 is the updated model for identity document and fingerprint verification. The iMatch45 is specially made for Border Control, Police and Army personnel. It works entirely according to the specifications of the Entry & Exit System (EES). The iMatch45 is the perfect mobile identification device for scanning identity documents and 1 or 2 fingerprints.

Compact ID documents & fingerprint scanner

Reliable registration

The iMatch45 is a state-of-the-art and compact device that focuses on mobile identification. The iMatch45 can easily be connected to an Android or IOS smartphone via a secure Bluetooth Low Energy connection.
The speed and reliability with which the iMatch45 can take fingerprints and check International identity documents for authenticity and validity is unique in the market.

iMatch45 mobile capture device
iMatch45 specificaties

Features iMatch45

  1. Activity indicator LED;
  2. FAP45 500 PPI FBI certified scanner;
  3. Magnets for easy connection;
  4. USB-C connector;
  5. Power switch;
  6. Contact smartcard slot;
  7. Integrated Mifare / DESFire reader with optimized RFID Antenna;
  8. Qi wireless charging.

Extra features iMatch45

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE);
  • LiPo 1900 mAh battery;
  • L: 171mm – B: 76mm – H: 28mm.


The iMatch45 is used in various organizations within
Border Control, Police and Defense:

Smart enough
to keep it simple

The iMatch45 can be used in various situations regarding identification and verification.
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