Camera supervision of vehicles
(auxiliary services/value transport)

Assistance in general, and rapid respond to any calamities in particular, are the pillars of the Dutch society, where it is the first and necessary assistance to victims directly. It is sometimes vital that personnel of Ambulance Services, Fire Brigade and Police Forces, can operate their task on the streets calmly and undisturbed. Today unfortunately, we are confronted through the media with news reports about (severe)incidents involving government staff, and aid workers being intimidated, or worse, even be physically attacked or threatened.

The CI Smart Video system is meant for vehicles of Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Public transport and Value transport, with the aim to protect against unacceptable incidents, such as preventive aggression and violence. If such incidents happen the HD camera technology registers the images on a local encrypted hard disk. This evidence us used by the prosecution officer to make sure the culprit is convicted and punished. The solution also offers the possibility to send the live video stream to an anemergency call center or other authority.

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